Premium Quality Precision Brow Sculpting Tools and Products

ProSCISSOR – Precision Brow Scissors

BrowGuy’s Professional Precision Brow Trimming Scissors


“These are the Brow Trimming Scissors every Professional Eyebrow Artist needs.”

BrowGuy Elite Precision Brow Snips

• Made from surgical steel

• Extremely sharp and long lasting

• Light weight design

• Reduces hand fatigue

Unlike commonly used ring scissors these snips facilitate

• Precise individual hair control

• Directional cutting control

• Fluid fingertip motion and wrist movement


A perfectly sculpted eyebrow requires no ordinary scissors. Expertly eliminate overgrown hairs and unwanted strays with BrowGuy’s Elite Precision Brow Scissors.

The comfortable contours of its ergonomic design ensure unparalleled accuracy when trimming individual hairs.

No more #BrowHedging !

The light weight, coated, spring grip allows for masterful maneuvering while its sharp, ultra thin blades meticulously groom brows into obedience. Crafted from surgical grade stainless steel, this durable essential tool will be your new maintenance ally for strategic snips.


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Order your trial pair today!

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