Host a BrowBash

Why not host a BrowBash?

What is a BrowBash?

Hosting a ‘BrowBash‘ is a great way for you to share your eyebrow makeover experience with your friends and colleagues.

A ‘BrowBash’ is a Kiki; a Soiree; a Party or Gathering. It’s our exclusive mobile service for small groups either at home or at work or at a venue.

BrowGuy tailors specific treatments to enhance your unique aesthetics in the eye area which (of course) affects the entire face. Playing host to a ‘BrowBash‘ is a great way for you to share your eyebrow makeover experience with your friends and colleagues. It also provides an interesting point of interest at your function. All enquiries welcome.


Due to time, facility and OH&S constraints in a party environment, available treatments are limited*. Your guests may enjoy all or a combination of treatments such as:

  • Brow Design and Sculpt
  • Custom Brow Colour
  • Soothing Lash Tint
  • Facial Waxing (Lip/Chin/Sides – if required)
  • Signature Illuminating Oil Treatment
  • Light Brow Make Up Application

* Extended chemical services (Lash Lift/Perm, Brow Lamination & Henna) Not Available at BrowBash

What is the most advantageous time to book?

The most advantageous days are Monday to Thursday (before your weekend events).

Please keep in mind to allow approximately 40 minutes per person. We like to ensure a quality experience with precision artistry, so individual treatment times may vary. Appropriate sanitisation of equipment between guests will also take a few minutes. 

What is required from the customer?

Firstly we would like an indication of how many people will be having treatments so we can arrange appropriate quantities of product and disposables. Each customer will be required to fill out a basic Induction Form before any service can be provided.

We provide a massage/beauty table for the comfort of you and your guests. For safety purposes we will require a secluded area (with reasonable lighting) away from animals, children and the main goings on of your event..

We simply need access to an available power point, access to running water, and possibly a single chair to work from.


Please note: Any participating clients under the age of 18 require a signed note and physical attendance from a responsible adult.

How is payment received?

A Deposit is required to secure your booking. This will be discussed when scheduling your party. BrowGuy accepts most methods of payment: MasterCard, / Visa Credit and Visa Debit cards (with a chip) / Direct Payments / PayPal and Cash Payments.

I look forward to organising a ‘BrowBash’ with you.