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“Be my Pluck Buddy!”

At BrowGuy we offer a number of Service Systems depending on our situation at any given time. What do I mean by this? Well, it sounds more confusing than it actually is.

Simply, what this means is that by essentially being a Pop-Up Salon, our pricing structure is determined by the resources we have available to us at any particular time.

We provide a number separate Service Situations to accomodate your best brow desires

Our InHome Services | Host a BrowBash | Our InSalon Services | Men’s Services | Virtual Appointments.

Availability is determined by how we are contracted at any particular time.

To accomodate our extremely busy clientele, we aim to be as flexible with our time as possible, therefore we like to encourage patience and understanding when it comes to bookings. We try very hard to be as accomodating to your needs as much as the next client.

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CLICK PIC to get your Brow Indulgence Package delivered to your Home.

When we are not situated in a semi-permanent location on contract with a participating Salon, we have limited resources available to us. This means that a cost effective pricing structure is put into place whereby we can only offer a Package Deal for our individual or 1 on 1 home or office visits. You may decide not to go ahead with one of the services in the package, however the cost will remain the same. This is where we come to you and offer our InHome Service package.

Host a BrowBash

CLICK PIC to share your eyebrow makeover experience with your friends and colleagues.

As an extension of our popular Home Service, we have developed a way to incorporate more people to a single home or office visit in the form of what is essentially an eyebrow party we like to call a ‘BrowBash’. Hosting a BrowBash is a great way for you to share your experience with your friends and colleagues. It also provides an interesting point of interest at your function.


CLICK PIC for available services when we are in Residence at a participating Salon.

When we are In Residence at a semi-permanent location or a participating Salon there are many more services available to our clients. By securing a more stable work environment, we can absolutely tailor services to your personal requirements or requests. This is where you come to us. So in this circumstance, rather than being limited by being locked into a package deal, we can support your budget more efficiently by offering individual services at a lower price as well as being more comprehensively equipped to provide even more services than we could when we are ‘on the road’. This is what we call our InSalon Services.


CLICK PIC for Secret Men’s Business delivered to your Home : Men Only.

Not Just Ladies – Not Just Brows. At BrowGuy we offer a range of services specifically designed for the gentleman which are performed by a male at your home. We aim to reduce that feeling of being intimidated or of being body conscious. We provide a discrete, private and safe environment. Home visits begin at a minimum price but can be incorporated with a number of cost-effective specialty services which can be discussed at the time of booking Secret Men’s Business is NOT a sex service.


CLICK PIC for Virtually assisted ‘face-to-face’ guidance directly to your device. No touching!


No problem. BrowGuy is here to help … VIRTUALLY.

Our online home maintenance / do it yourself / face to face guidance is a terrific way to make those small adjustments with up-close real-time guidance from one of the industry’s most sought after Brow Artists. It’s a Virtual Appointment to get BrowGuy@Home without him actually being in your home.