What the people are saying about BrowGuy

Enough about me, let’s talk about you … What do YOU think of me?

— CC Bloom (Bette Midler) : Beaches


“I have had the pleasure of having my eyebrows shaped and tinted with Andrew, also known as ‘Brow Guy’. To say that Andrew is a consummate professional is an understatement.

After having my eyebrows looked after for many years by various eyebrow experts, I decided to try Andrew after a colleague recommended him to me. From the moment Andrew began to work with me I knew I had found the right person to look after my eyebrows.

Andrew not only is extremely professional, he is also a most likeable person and he made feel comfortable from my very first appointment. He was able to analyse the shape of my face and reshape my eyebrows to give me an extremely flattering look, which not only suited me but also made me look me look younger. Andrew was efficient, and also gentle, which I appreciated very much. My eyebrows have improved dramatically since I changed over to Andrew and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an eyebrow stylist and groomer.”

∴ Tracey Mietzke (Vice President – Manly Business Chamber / Co-Founder – Experience Manly)

“As a client of Andrew’s, I am happy to testify to his professionalism in the execution of his work.

With very pale skin and fair hair I have appreciated the subtlety with which Andrew has skilfully shaped and coloured my brows, with just the right hint of colour and definition.

I am delighted to recommend Andrew as a person of the utmost integrity and kindness.”

∴ Lady Sarah Mountbatten (Public Figure / Writer)

“The work was perfect and I will be back.”

∴ John David Ridge (‘Halston’ Fashion Label Designer / Legendary Broadway and Hollywood Costume Designer)

“Great job with the brows. I love the way they look and the service was fabulous. You should do exceedingly well with such a lovely room and unique approach. Thanks again.”

∴ Gabrielle (Health Care Professional)

“Nothin’ you can say can tear me away from my ‘Brow Guy’…”

∴ Phyllis Foundis (TV Personality / Author / Producer / TEDx Talker)

“Amazing Andy has so much talent. The only person I would trust to do my brows!”

∴ Lauren (Beauty Professional)

“He (Andrew) did a great job, made my face look more open and bright.”

∴ Nieves (Professional Invigilator)

“I am so happy with my brows. They are so much more prominent and I love the shape.”

∴ Brooke (Cafe Manager / Writer)

“An expert in brows with a beautiful studio on Crown Street. Go see him for an “instant” face lift – a good Brow Guy can do that.”

∴ Vanessa (HR Administrator / Event Manager)

“I just got told I have amazing eyebrows. Thank you. You’re the best!”

∴ Jake (Hairdresser / Make Up Artist)

“Exactly what I was looking for. Andrew took the time to get things right and did a lovely professional job. Highly recommended.”

∴ Emma (Lawyer)

“Thank you for the excellent job, I look great and I will see you again … and as soon as I return from holiday I will ‘spread the word.'”

∴ Vittoria (Photographer)

“Hands down you are the best (Brow Artist) I have ever seen. Your attentional detail, perfection & nailing what the client wants every time is second to none. I invite you guys to experience him ASAP. You will be so glad you did.”

∴ Miléna (Master Hairstylist)

“My brows are amazing! Thanks to you … I’m so happy with the result … They are still perfect without the makeup and I’m totally buying that (product) you used … I will never touch my own brows again. You are the Queen of brows!”

∴ Kristian (Retail Professional)

“I look like Bert or Ernie after getting my brows done. Not with Andrew. Well impressed!”

∴ Kylee (Personal Trainer / Business Owner)

Hey Andy, I just wanted to thank you again for looking after (my friend) yesterday. He was so impressed with your professionalism and the time and patience you took to explain everything in detail. He was so very nervous and I felt like a bitch to leave him on his own but he told me as soon as he entered the salon he felt very comfortable and relaxed with you and his trust issues just disappeared. I knew you both would click. I met up with him afterwards and he was so excited that he met you and his eyebrows looked fabulous!

∴Margaret-Anne (Socialite / Radio Personality)

“Hey Andrew. I am in love with my brows! Thank you soooooo much! So happy I met you. You are the Brow 👑

∴ Kris (Retail Professional)

“He is truly a Master of his craft. Don’t trust your brows to anyone else but him”

∴ Mel (Vocalist – The LangLangs)

“They (my brows) are amazing. Thanking you very much. I have had many compliments … thank you very much for your craftsmanship.”

∴ Catherine (Freelance Journalist)

[The proof is in the Plucking!] “It is and I’m delighted with my results. Thanks luv x”

∴ John (Medical Professional)

“He (Andrew) is really f*cking good!”

∴ Charlie Chan (Award winning Composer, Pianist, Instrumentalist and recording Artist)

“I don’t let anyone else near my brows :)”

∴ Rachel (Business Owner / Hair Artist HairxHyde)

“Brow Guy is your Go-To Guy for all things above the eyeball.”

∴ William (Founder/CEO/Master Hotelier)

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