Men’s Eyebrows+

Something for the Guys

At BrowGuy we offer exclusively male oriented waxing services for men, ranging from refined and natural eyebrows to upper-body waxing. However, body waxing depends on our Host’s available facilities at the time.

Prices can vary slightly depending on the services required and the unique hirsute nature of the individual. Just ask about our ‘manscaping’ services for a tailored quote. Price variations can be discussed at enquiry level.

BrowGuy’s pricing aims to be as gender-neutral as possible, however we are extremely aware that the beauty industry is predominately dominated by female technicians, which can be quite intimidating for guys who would like particular beauty maintenance procedures done for themselves.

At BrowGuy we can sometimes offer a range of extra services specifically for the gentleman, which are performed by a male. We aim to reduce that feeling of being intimidated or of being body conscious. We aim to provide a discrete, private and safe environment for all people including those identifying as male. Unfortunately these services are only available at some Residencies depending on appropriate facilities provided at our Host’s locations,

Obviously more hair or courser hair means more product to be used. Starting prices are indicated below and are a general guide only. However, sometimes we can reduce our prices depending on requirements. It only takes a conversation.


Click Here to view our Services Page for service descriptions and more pricing variations.

ManBrow • 60

Glabella Wax (•*•) • 10

Facial Wax • 20

Knuckle Wax • 20

Nostril Torture • 25

• ALL CHEMICAL BROW & LASH TREATMENTS REQUIRE A PATCH TEST • COVID-19 vaccines can change the way in which a person may react to certain chemical treatments. Therefore, for your protection and before your first visit with me or if I have not seen you for 6 months, you will be required to have a patch test at least 24-48hrs prior to your service. This requirement is not negotiable. Thank you for your understanding.

All chemical services must be pre-booked with a Patch Test required at least 24-48 hours prior to treatment.

Brow Camoflage / Tint • 25

Brow Lamination • 100

Soothing Lash Tint • 30

Lash Lift (Perming) • 120

Secret Men’s Business

Additional services when available at our Host’s location

Upper Body Waxing requires a completely different setup of equipment, therefore it is necessary that these services must be discussed at time of booking.

Shoulders Only (includes Nape) • 60

Back and Shoulder • 120

Chest and Stomach • 120

Forearms • 60

~ All enquiries welcome ~

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