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Here’s what we do:

When we are In Residence at a participating Salon there are many more services available:

Most popular of all is our:

Brow Indulgence Package 92

(Value over 130)

Package includes:
Precision Brow Design and Sculpt
Tailored Brow Blush
Soothing Lash Tint
Signature Illuminating Oil Treatment
Light Brow Make Up Application

It’s all about those Fresh Brow Feels.

All individual services are as follows:

•  Initial Brow Sculpt with Consultation 80

This is your first visit with me where we will chat about your requirements, facial structure and intended Brow design. We will assess whether follow up visits will be required simply for regular maintenance or if a Brow Restoration plan is a preferred course of action. Together you and I will tailor a plan to improve shape and colour potentially for a fantastic future together.

•  Maintenance Brow Shape (3 – 6 weeks) 60

These are subsequent visits to your initial visit. Simply to maintain or adjust my previous Brow Design at regular intervals – determined by your unique hair growth.

•  Soothing Lash Tint 30

Define your peepers and make them really pop. With this relaxing treatment you may discover that your lashes are actually longer than you think.

•  Custom Blended Brow Blush 20

Brow Colouring tailored to suit your specific hair colouring and skin tone. We build up the colour for definition, volume and depth.

•  Brow Lightening 30

Recommended only for the daring. For a dramatic change. Results will vary.

•  Glabella Wax 10

What do we call this?  Middle Brow?

It’s a Monobrow separation wax. One Brow becomes Two Brows. It’s the quickest beauty service on Earth!

•  Facial Wax
(per section)(Lip; Chin; Sides etc.) 15

We use an appropriate wax (and perhaps a quick tweeze) to remove those “other” facial hairs.

•  Knuckle Wax 20

We all have them and sometimes they require a little attention.

•  Lash Lift (Perming) 120

Really open up the eyes, give the illusion of longer lashes with a soft and naturally gentle arc. Depending on your individual growth cycle, results can last up to 8-12 weeks. [ Must be pre-booked ]

•  Brow Henna 45

• A natural alternative to Tinting.
• Has incredible staying power.
• Excellent for Grey coverage.
• Provides patch coverage.
• Promotes hair growth and healthiness.

Skin stain lasts up to 10 days.
Soft powdered effect on the skin behind the brows.

[ Henna Colour Service ONLY ]

•  Brow Henna with Quick Brow Tidy 80

Add a Quick Brow Tidy Option for a few dollars more. This is not a Precision Brow Sculpt but does involve a reasonable ‘whip-around’ with the tweezers and maybe a little wax if required.

Sunday / Public Holidays: By Demand Only
(Surcharge Applies)

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>>> Host a “BrowBash” <<<

We pride ourselves on Skilled Precision Brow Artistry, and this takes time. We focus on quality of service and do not adhere to a quick Wax&Dash out the door policy.

We want you to enjoy our Little Pocket of Luxury so you’ll never feel second best. We have found that by appointments we can control the flow of customers and guarantee that each client gets the service that they deserve.

We do not yet ask for a Booking Deposit and so require that you show up to your appointment on time in that we might complete our service to the high standard we aspire to and similarly the expectations of our clientele who may be waiting for appointments.

We continually strive to accomodate all aspects of the community and have created a sanctuary for all to feel at home. Please respect our commitment to you.