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Here’s ypour chance to work with one of Australia’s original Brow Rebels.

How can YOUR business benefit from working with BrowGuy?

Your business is invited to enjoy fabulous Traditional Brow Artistry in-house with BrowGuy’s Pop-Up Brow Bar. By having us situated in-house on a permanent or semi-permanent basis, we can tailor your clients’ Brow loving requirements more specifically. We can accomodate a variety of specialty services. We can also allow for more flexibility concerning time constraints or single treatments as opposed to package deals.

Let’s face it, Who else offers a Brow Service designed to be more convenient? By incorporating BrowGuy in-house, you would not only increase the enhancement of Brand Power to your business but you would also be adding a unique pont of view and a luxury service for your existing clientele.

Andrew is a true Artisan Eyebrow Craftsman. Working under the moniker of BrowGuy his aim is to bring out the True You by revealing your own natural beauty one hair at a time. Each hair is carefully considered before its removal. He is an expert technician who delivers from a solid foundation of Classic Beauty Techniques utilising pure passion and undeniable expertise to create the perfect brow to suit your face … naturally.

BrowGuy’s qualifications and experience is so much more than being a makeup artist who “does brows“. As an eyebrow Specialist, we ensure your clients’ brows are attended to the correct way and in comfort by a fully qualified and experienced Beauty Therapist who has been trained specifically in applicable skincare and is well versed in a variety of hair removal and colouring techniques.

Specialising in non-invasiveOldSchool‘ or more ‘Traditional‘ freehand tweezing, waxing and shaping techniques, BrowGuy’s Philosophy states that your natural brow shape provides the best template for your True Inner Beauty. We don’t need flashy gimmicks or ‘whiz-bang’ machinery to operate, just a bright and safely secluded space (with appropriate access to water and power) to set up our operations in order to make our clients feel secure and comfortable. We provide everything else!

For your consideration, BrowGuy is open to all creative suggestions and welcomes any opportunity to discuss the possibility of incorporating our experience and expertise into your business. 

For all enquiries CLICK HERE. Andrew would love the opportunity to get in your face!

BrowGuy’s authentic artistry and world class precision skills will have you truly believing:

“The Proof is in the Plucking.”

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