I am discussing the price of INTEGRITY and I’m talking about Value for Money. As an experienced Professional in my field, Yes I could charge less for my services but I could also charge way much more than I do. As a customer you could get your Brows done cheaply by a poorly trained ‘non-specialist’ and they could actually mess up your entire face. Or you could spend a few extra dollars and have them expertly crafted by someone who knows what they are doing.

BrowGuy specialises in Eyebrows. Most Beauty Salons are primarily focussed on facials, skin and body treatments and have a “Brow Wax” as an “add-on” service at a cheap price. Many sketchy Nail Bars now offer Brows also as an add-on service (((CRINGE))). In both cases #Brows are NOT their focus.

Sadly it is commonplace in the Beauty Industry for businesses to undercut their opposition just to get a sale. Many unwitting patrons will choose to use the cheaper option because it is … well … cheaper. Alternatively they will try to threaten you into dropping your prices for whatever reason. “I can get them done cheaper down the road.” That may be so but can you get the shaping and clearing done as expertly and as long lasting as what I am offering?

Professionally speaking and from experience, if you can afford outside marketing to assist in promoting your business, the very first thing a (usually fledgling) PR company will suggest is that you offer a discount on your services. (Yet they do not discount theirs). What‘s up with that?! Are they not being employed to help you make MORE money not give it away? They charge top dollar for their “expert” opinion yet they want you to under-charge for your vastly well educated and practiced expertise combined with any God-given talent.

(Can I get an “Amen” up in here?).

As Brow Artists we are constantly being encouraged to de-value the very Lifeforce of our businesses. Why are we relentlessly under attack by people who try to persuade us to charge minimal costing for services which really do have maximum impact? You could do your own brows yourself at home or you could pay a Professional to do them CORRECTLY.

I set up my prices a long time ago and they have not wavered too much since the beginning of time. Simply because I knew the value of having quality #eyebrows and how they can dramatically and instantly transform and enhance your entire face. This revelation came to me in the mid 2000s at the very edge of the beginning of the more recent Brow Phenomenon. I have always let my #Tweezers do the talking and let my “skills pay the bills”.

With foresight I have set my price for a reason and in accordance to my market and my Industry average. Regardless of my competitors in the field, I do what I do and at the price that I charge. I am not in competition with anybody. It’s not a race. I believe there is room for everyone. My clients know that they are getting an exceptionally high standard of precision brow work executed at a cost that is completely affordable in relation to the end result.

I stand with BROW SPECIALISTS everywhere who are here to learn from each other. To encourage and lift each other along with integrity in our burgeoning Industry. I won’t be persuaded by the outdated ideals of cheaper is better for business. Nor will I be price-bullied by potential customers who do not have my expertise for the very thing they are seeking me out for. I’m not trying to rip anyone off. It’s about more than money for me. I just love my Craft and I like to share that love with my customers. Yet I stand firm knowing the value of my skillset. I have set the price of my service with honesty and integrity. As a locally based Brow Sculpting Enthusiast, I KNOW MY WORTH.

Everybody say L♡VE


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Eyebrow ✂️ Trimming

I have never been the biggest advocate of trimming Brow Hairs (you see this an awful lot on Instagram). Back in Beauty School we were taught that this was a definite no-no. However over the many years as a Brow Perfectionist, I have come to understand that it has a very important place on occasion. Considerably more appropriate in overly hirsute instances and probably more commonly required when adjusting a #ManBrow.

To me trimming brow hairs is a last resort when you can’t go any further with brow control simply by sculpting and/or using directional products. Sometimes the hairs are growing far too lengthy to remain attractive in a bushier brow. Alternatively a client may be subject to the random ‘hair-horn’ protruding out from the crowd. Sometimes a person may even just have a rogue hair which has grown in such a way that trimming it would be a better solution than simply pulling it out – which may leave a gap.

Aimlessly hacking a straight line across the top browline like you’re performing topiary on an unruly hedge is NOT the way to trim a brow – no matter how aggressively the hair growth may appear to be and no matter many times you might see it on Instagram.

If you are not a hairdresser or you do not understand how to correctly cut a hair then don’t do it!

Often you will see technicians cutting across the top browline before even considering what specific shaping requirements are actually needed for each individual client. As a professional Original Brow Artist this action makes me feel terribly uneasy for the future of our clients’ faces. As these technicians are supposedly qualified Beauty Industry Professionals, it unfortunately displays an ignorance to the actual function of the eyebrow and no understanding that they are on your face to serve a purpose – not only for aesthetic appeal.

Cutting brow hairs too short can result in them losing not only their natural form but their natural function as well. In protecting the eye by deflecting debris and moisture, they need length and some flexibility. If they are too tightly trimmed, it means that the brows can’t do their job.

Whoah! Slow down there, Tiger. Be sure to avoid cutting a Scoop.

Precision trimming; discretely snipping one hair at a time is the ONLY way brows should be trimmed. It needs to be done in such a fashion so that it is unnoticeable that the hair has been cut. On rare occasions a much thicker brow may require some thinning out. This needs to be done with utmost care and absolute precision. Strategic snipping is only for the well rehearsed and extremely confident artisan.

This is where I should say: “Leave this Treatment to the Professionals”.

Unfortunately this is becoming more and more often the first go-to action a NEW Brow Artist will take – again because they have seen it so often on Social Media. Usually these choppy videos are demonstrated particularly by young Makeup Artists who ‘do brows’. They inadvertently display that they have little to no understanding of the shape of the hair strand after it has been cut; the way the actual hair lies within its place in the brow; and that “Crunchy” or prickly feeling after too many hairs have been bluntly trimmed.

Too much scissor action makes the brows look bristly (like a toothbrush) and feel ‘prickly’ (like a doormat). Too many times I have seen brows which have been cut too close to the upper brow line – or even below it 👀 Yikes! This dramatically loses the natural soft line of the brow and creates an unnatural appearance which can also be quite ageing on many faces. Clients will notice little black dots (newer hairs or even broken hairs) within the space of two days; and the shape will be far more difficult to maintain for any length of time.

Too close for comfort

Trimmed hairs are more likely to stand up on their ends creating the illusion of more space between the hairs due to visual foreshortening (👈Google that). With strategic trimming, the brow hairs will lay much flatter hence visually filling any natural gaps and giving a naturally fuller effect.

Think before trimming. Seriously consider how desperately do the hairs actually need to be snipped? Eyebrows that are trimmed don’t look natural when they are growing back. Additionally, the shape is dependent on how the eyebrow hairs lay, which can be compromised if the wrong hairs are cut too short. If you are working with a thin brow or one where the hair is quite sparse, should you really be taking any more hair away? Most likely not.

Trimming sparse hairs will make the hairs appear more sparse.

If some scissor action is absolutely necessary, strategic trimming is key. This is where the angle you hold your scissors is of utmost importance for a natural looking brow. This is best done, firstly with the correct type of scissors and secondly with lots of expertise.

Square and bristly “Instabrows” may appear neat and tidy at first but they will not last the distance. They are high maintenance and may not necessarily suit your natural face shape. A well groomed, easy maintenance and cleverly executed brow should flatter your face and leave your brows looking soft, fluid and feminine.

A trimmed Brow looks like a trimmed Brow.

Harsh and Bristly vs Soft and Natural.

Which do you think is more beautiful?

Talk to your Brow Artist about the best ways to embrace and enhance the beauty of your natural face shape. Scissors may not be necessary.

Trimming isn’t always winning!


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Original Vegemite v. Vegemite Blend 17



Vegemite is a thick, black Australian food spread made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives. It was developed by Cyril Percy Callister in Melbourne, Victoria in 1922.” –  Wikipedia

“Vegemite was invented in Melbourne in 1922 when Australian food manufacturer Fred Walker asked chemist CP Callister to create a product similar to British Marmite. … As overseas travel increased, Vegemite was carried around the world by Australians as a way to reaffirm their connection to home.” –  Vegemite | National Museum of Australia

Image via the Web

It is a vegetarian yeast extract breakfast spread made from barley and wheat and salt, packed with the goodness of folate, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin. It doesn’t sound too appealing. It’s a black sticky paste so it doesn’t look too appealing either. Infact the taste can be so polarising that people either love it or are disgusted by it’s unique salty flavour. Most Australians would be familiar with the popular TV jingle: “We’re happy little Vegemites as bright as bright can be. We all enjoy our Vegemite for breakfast lunch and tea” … and so it goes.

Many of us ‘true-blue, fair-dinkum, ridgy-didge, dinky-die Aussie kids would have grown up with Vegemite as a staple on the breakfast table. Some may even joke that they were weened on the black, sticky tar-like substance.

Primarily it is used as a breakfast spread, usually on top of buttered toast or on bread in a sandwich or on crackers such as Arnott’s SAO biscuits. It has also been entrenched into Australian kitchens as a dependable cooking ingredient in a variety of applications. It is often used to enrich casseroles, soups and gravies. It is a regular favourite as a quick midnight snack or cure for a hangover in the form of grilled cheese and Vegemite on toast. More recently people are enjoying it on sourdough toast topped with scrambled eggs or smashed avocado. The latter has become a new brunch favourite in Inner-City cafes for many Inner-City Hipsters.

In 2017, the Vegemite brand (No longer owned by Kraft but now owned by Australian company Bega Cheese) has released a new version of its Aussie breakfast classic. They call it “Blend 17.

So, as I have personally considered myself an aficionado of Vegemite in all its various forms since I was very young, I thought I would put the new blend to the test. Here are my observations:

The new Special Edition jar is presented not in the familiar yellow and red label but rather a smaller version in a rather sleek black and silver box and label, making it look like more of a top shelf product. This is a very clever retail marketing device used across most industries.

Image via the Web.

Once opened, the colouring of the actual product is identical to its predecessor as a sticky black paste. Although I must say that the existing jar of original formula that resides in my refrigerator had a slightly glossier appearance. The aroma was subtle. This was a newly opened jar so the ingredients would not have contacted oxygen since the time of packaging.

Dipping my knife into the jar, the very first thing I noticed was that the new Blend 17 had a slightly softer, more creamier texture. My knife sunk deeply into the jar of product without any effort before spreading evenly and smoothly across the toast. I was taken by surprise because I’m not used to such spreadability from the older standard.

Image via the Web.

Now for the important stuff: The Taste. On my first bite I wasn’t so sure if it actually had a new flavour. I couldn’t quite tell if I could actually taste the classic familiar Vegemite nuances at all. It was not immediate. It’s in there somewhere. I know it is. Just give it time. A few more chews and … Success! The aroma started to weave its way up through my nasal passages. I discovered that the new product has potentially lost the classic immediate sensorial aroma. The flavour is a lot smoother and less defined. Hardly noticeable at first but with a slow development. It was definitely sweeter but not nearly as sweet as a similar product, such as Promite (which I also love, by the way).

A few more chews and it hit me. Ah! There is that familiar salty sensation that I recognise. The more I chewed, the sharper that special tingling sensation on my tongue became. This lead me to think that the new blend is actually more salty than the original product. It would appear on first exposure an interesting and more subtle Vegemite flavour but with a sharper bite of saltiness which tended to linger on the tip of my tongue after I’d finished consuming my toast.

Image via the Web

Points of comparison:

1. New Vegemite Blend 17 is smoother in texture and has an easier application than the original Vegemite – the “OGV”.

2. The new Blend 17 has a more subtle flavour; a sweetness and definitely less impact then the original Vegemite which has a full bodied edamame sensation that you experience all over your tongue. The original has a deep richness at the back of your palate which permeates up through your nasal passages.

3. The saltiness of the new Blend 17 left a lingering, extremely sharp salty sensation at the tip of my tongue whereas the original Vegemite spread left my mouth with the sensation of a reasonable amount of saltiness to the sides and a little salty tingle at the tongue’s tip.

4. As Vegemite is traditionally spread on top a secondary, lubricating spread such as butter or margarine, this time I chose to spread my toast first with margarine. When I tried the new subtly flavoured Blend 17, I could not taste the extra product sandwiched between the toast and the spread. However when comparing to the original Vegemite product, I could taste everything – absolutely everything that I had in my mouth. I found this rather peculiar. Especially as I would have imagined the strength of flavour from the original to overpower any other additives. On the contrary, it enhanced the presence of the additional spread.

…but wait!

While I was pondering the fact that these products were packaged so differently yet tasted almost identical, it got me wondering just what was the purpose of having two? So I headed to the packaging itself. To my utter astonishment I discovered that the nutritional information was exactly the same. I checked the ingredients and again EXACTLY THE SAME! So not necessarily saltier or sweeter at all.

Could I have been deceived? Has some clever marketing genius succeeded in influencing my taste buds in such a way that I subconsciously believe that I have been consuming a different product altogether when in actual fact it was the same thing all along? Surely not. There were some physical attributes that I had found were distinctly different. Like the spreadability for example. The ingredients were the same and the nutritional information was exactly the same so perhaps it was all just whipped in a different way.

Vegemite say in their advertising that their new Blend 17 is “Richer and Bolder”. However in an attempt to procure more information as to why it may or may not differ in taste to the original blend, they do not appear to be responding (at this point in time) to any enquiries that I have made either through email or Social Media. So I guess we are left to make up our own reasoning as to why this new product exists and if indeed it was inevitably, just a worthwhile marketing exercise.

In conclusion I can’t say that the new Vegemite Blend 17 will be a stayer on the shelves of Australian supermarkets due to it being not that far removed from the original Vegemite experience. Although much like the previously controversial isnack 2.0 /  Vegemite Cheeseybite spread, it is in Limited release. However I will say that the new Blend 17 may be a gentler, more palatable introduction to the product for our International Visitors or even those folks who might be a little hesitant to try Vegemite for the first time. It may ultimately be more palatable for an export market … but that is only my layman’s opinion.

There is nothing decidedly wrong with the new product but my own personal preference is with the OGV – the original Vegemite. “We all adore our (original) Vegemite. It puts a rose in every cheek.”

Try it for yourself and place your comments below.

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U N P L U C K E D • Ex-Tweeze-Me⁉️👀

Who was it that decided that eyebrows needed to be square, sharp and HEAVY?

We don’t all have the same face shape. So how can anyone possibly think that this style would suit them if they have fine, narrow features or pronounced bone structure?

Some of us just don’t have the hair growth to carry a strong brow. But overloading your eyebrows with makeup is not necessarily the best way to enhance your features or flatter your face. Too much brow makeup can result in giving you an angry scowl or maybe completely dominate your face in which you lose focus on the appeal of your beautiful sparkling eyes or plump, kissable lips or the amazing structure of your cheekbones. Lush brows with soft edges are so much more pleasing to the eye.

Image: @TomFord – Face of 2016

Tattooing, feathering or microblading is an extremely popular Brow enhancement procedure in the world of beauty at the moment but it may not be for everyone. It can be an expensive alternative to defining your brows by securing one particular shape to your face. These processes do fade but only slightly. So your technician HAS to get the shape absolutely correct from the outset. You owe it to yourself to definitely do your research if this course of action for brow enhancement is for you. Doing that basic homework before locking yourself into an appointment for a permanent makeup option is absolutely your #BeautyDuty!

Image: Missi Pyle – Dodgeball Movie

Currently the most appealing eyebrows on women are well groomed yet soft and feminine. Gently defining the eye socket with a clean arch and drawing attention, centrally to your beautiful peepers. Harsh square #InstaBrows just don’t cut it in the real world. Don’t copy everything you see on the internet. Often these “how-to” guides are purely for fashion photography or artistic demonstration using strong lighting and far too much makeup for everyday living. Do you really want to end up with some kind of cartoonish characterisation of YOU painted on top of your real face? Who are you when you get home? Do you really need to wear a mask every time you leave the house? Be the most beautiful version of you. Always consider which Brow Grooming technique best suits your natural visage. It is always a good idea to consult your professional Brow Stylists. #EmbraceYOURface

” Be the most beautiful version of you. “

Image: Instagram @DLM_AU | Makeup: @MaxMade

The Modern Man is a fine example of less-is-more when it comes to Brow Grooming. A growing number of guys are embracing the fact that a professionally groomed #ManBrow can still leave them looking natural and masculine. The shape can still be defined by a good tidy up, leaving the lines soft and natural. This can be achieved simply by having the undergrowth cleaned up and the Glabella clear of any Monobrow creepiness.

By some crazy twist in the zeitgeist some gentlemen have succumbed to letting “the girlfriend” have her way with the tweezers. 👀 More often than not this usually increases his chances of having an overplucked and surprised lady looking back at them in the bathroom mirror. You could search for pictures more commonly noted as #JerseyBrow but I am not going to post any here. On most occasions it would be best to leave the business of a good #ManBrow to the professionals.

img_7827 (1)
Image from the Web


Often a well groomed “fluffy” Brow can make quite the fashion statement. Not every Brow needs to have their tops attacked by scissors to create a dead-straight line. Eyebrows don’t need to look like the head of a toothbrush stuck to your forehead. Now, we’re not talking overgrown caterpillars crawling across your face. However a professionally tidied shape with nicely brushed up feathered tips, discretely held in place with a light gel, can subtly express an undefinable creative sexiness.


The groomed, more natural and less sculpted style of eyebrow is finally taking its place alongside the precision work most of us are more familiar with. This is not a new trend by any means. However it has taken a couple of years (at least) for people to slowly catch on that there is more than one specific type of eyebrow shape, style or technique which will undoubtedly suit not only their face but also their lifestyle.

Image: Instagram @makeupbyseng

HEY! Why not try a beautifully groomed “unplucked” creation?


Show us your most beautiful UnPlucked Eyebrow Creations with tag: #ExTweezeMe


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Her Customer Service was as busted as her ‘Clown Brows’.

Image from the web

Today I went to a makeup counter of a very famous and well respected cosmetics brand to potentially top up supplies for my kit. I was (eventually) served by a “Make Up Artist” whose Brows looked like they were painted on with liquid eyeliner. Clearly she had failed to imitate something she had seen on Instagram.

It had me baffled at how unfortunate this girl made herself look in an attempt to entice me to purchase her product or utilise her (questionable) talents.

For a time I couldn’t be sure if this was an actual employee from (this brand) as she was just wandering aimlessly around the grubby counter confidently showing off her busted face paint. Surely this is purely a generic sales person attending the counter while the actual staff are busy or on a break. She clearly has very limited makeup experience, but she was wearing the uniform and I had no other choice but to let her attend my enquiry.

I couldn’t look away as her painted-on Brows were screaming at me for help. In my head I was shouting shady lines back at her like: “Honey, you’re selling Makeup, not house paint! It might be a good idea to learn how to use it sometime!”

… but I kept it all inside. Maybe she was new to this whole scene. Yes. That has to be it.


Image from the web


Now, I’m not a Makeup Professional and I can be easily confused with all the many variations in products and their applications, so I told her I was a Brow Artist and I was after some specific items. Then I explained how I intended on using them – to which she only stared at me blankly like I had just coughed or something.

From my previous experiences at the makeup counter, this particular cosmetics company has always had a fantastic reputation for service, sales and makeup application. Their staff are always professional. They look immaculate and, generally, they know their shit.


Image from the web


I have worked in retail so I know the importance of at least trying to make a multiple unit sale. I was ready to be bombarded with products I just can’t live without and overwhelmed with multiple demonstrations on how to combine all of the marvellous techniques from all of her skilled learnings. At bare minimum, I was prepared to walk away with at least three expensive ‘must haves’.

Instead, my under zealous sales “professional” continued an attempt at selling me a whole one item like she almost knew what do do with it, before rushing me to the sale register. The product was quickly in the bag with its receipt and BOOM! I was done.

It was clear that her work colleague (the cute gay boy with the searing attitude who had just walked onto the counter) was obviously more interesting to play with at work than trying to sell me stuff.

Damn! I should have lingered a little longer when I was waiting to be served, as he clearly had a better understanding of personal eyebrow makeup application than my clown-browed Artiste.

Oh, and through all of the distraction and confusion I didn’t quite get to mention that I would have liked to be shown to some green concealer or alternatives if you had the time … but … umph… you know what? I can get that at Mecca.


Image from the web


To misquote and paraphrase RuPaul: “If you can’t beat your own Brows, how the Hell you gonna beat somebody elses? Can I get an “Amen” up in here?”


Image from the web

Keep following for future posts regarding #ClownBrows.

Image from the web






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