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How I started a Movement â¤ï¸ðŸšœðŸ‡¦ðŸ‡º

I live and work in the city so there is a lack of comprehension of just how devastating life has become for many farming communities. There’s a drought? Really? Apparently it has been going on for quite some time but we are not aware or remotely concerned about what happens outside our city walls.

Appointment Times 🕰 When did the culture change?

Being notoriously late; Ignoring courtesy late calls; Arriving 20 minutes after your appointment has started but with a freshly poured barista-made coffee in your hand and then expecting the same full service when you have finally arrived;
… People forget we are running a business here.

Eyebrow ✂️ Trimming

Aimlessly hacking a straight line across the top browline like you’re performing topiary on an unruly hedge is NOT the way to trim a brow – no matter how aggressively the hair growth may appear to be and no matter many times you might see it on Instagram.

Original Vegemite v. Vegemite Blend 17

It’s a black sticky paste so it doesn’t look too appealing either. Infact the taste can be so polarising that people either love it or are disgusted by it’s unique salty flavour. Most Australians would be familiar with the popular TV jingle

U N P L U C K E D • Ex-Tweeze-Me⁉️👀

Who was it that decided that eyebrows needed to be square, sharp and HEAVY?

We don’t all have the same face shape. So how can anyone possibly think that this style would suit them if they have fine, narrow features or pronounced bone structure?

” Be the most beautiful version of you. “

We are in XANADU

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.