Theater 🎭 Night


You’ve got mail:

#DearFriend I just watched this sublime romantic comedy in an excellent production which whisked me away to a whole other time in Musical Theatre.

Based on the original Hungarian Play “Illatszertár” translated to “Parfumerie”, It’s a burgeoning love story fuelled by miscommunication and social etiquettes of the time and all centred around the employees of a successful Cosmetics Boutique.

The entire production was just so perfectly orchestrated from the Players’ body posturing and singing style to some very clever and hilarious choreography and superbly nuanced performances.

These are seasoned performers. Every individual character appears fully fleshed out and totally watchable in their own right. So good infact I didn’t know where to look at times.

This was a rollicking ride from start to end. I left the theatre feeling like I had just watched an old Hollywood Matinee Movie.


Booking info at: @HayesTheatre @SheLovesMeAU #HayesTheatre #MusicalTheatre #SheLovesMe #SheLovesMeAU

This is a glorious production. You must go and see it.

Ssh! The show is about to start. 🥂

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