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Who was it that decided that eyebrows needed to be square, sharp and HEAVY?

We don’t all have the same face shape. So how can anyone possibly think that this style would suit them if they have fine, narrow features or pronounced bone structure?

Some of us just don’t have the hair growth to carry a strong brow. But overloading your eyebrows with makeup is not necessarily the best way to enhance your features or flatter your face. Too much brow makeup can result in giving you an angry scowl or maybe completely dominate your face in which you lose focus on the appeal of your beautiful sparkling eyes or plump, kissable lips or the amazing structure of your cheekbones. Lush brows with soft edges are so much more pleasing to the eye.

Image: @TomFord – Face of 2016

Tattooing, feathering or microblading is an extremely popular Brow enhancement procedure in the world of beauty at the moment but it may not be for everyone. It can be an expensive alternative to defining your brows by securing one particular shape to your face. These processes do fade but only slightly. So your technician HAS to get the shape absolutely correct from the outset. You owe it to yourself to definitely do your research if this course of action for brow enhancement is for you. Doing that basic homework before locking yourself into an appointment for a permanent makeup option is absolutely your #BeautyDuty!

Image: Missi Pyle – Dodgeball Movie

Currently the most appealing eyebrows on women are well groomed yet soft and feminine. Gently defining the eye socket with a clean arch and drawing attention, centrally to your beautiful peepers. Harsh square #InstaBrows just don’t cut it in the real world. Don’t copy everything you see on the internet. Often these “how-to” guides are purely for fashion photography or artistic demonstration using strong lighting and far too much makeup for everyday living. Do you really want to end up with some kind of cartoonish characterisation of YOU painted on top of your real face? Who are you when you get home? Do you really need to wear a mask every time you leave the house? Be the most beautiful version of you. Always consider which Brow Grooming technique best suits your natural visage. It is always a good idea to consult your professional Brow Stylists. #EmbraceYOURface

” Be the most beautiful version of you. “

Image: Instagram @DLM_AU | Makeup: @MaxMade

The Modern Man is a fine example of less-is-more when it comes to Brow Grooming. A growing number of guys are embracing the fact that a professionally groomed #ManBrow can still leave them looking natural and masculine. The shape can still be defined by a good tidy up, leaving the lines soft and natural. This can be achieved simply by having the undergrowth cleaned up and the Glabella clear of any Monobrow creepiness.

By some crazy twist in the zeitgeist some gentlemen have succumbed to letting “the girlfriend” have her way with the tweezers. 👀  More often than not this usually increases his chances of having an overplucked and surprised lady looking back at them in the bathroom mirror. You could search for pictures more commonly noted as #JerseyBrow but I am not going to post any here. On most occasions it would be best to leave the business of a good #ManBrow to the professionals.

img_7827 (1)
Image from the Web

Often a well groomed “fluffy” Brow can make quite the fashion statement. Not every Brow needs to have their tops attacked by scissors to create a dead-straight line. Eyebrows don’t need to look like the head of a toothbrush stuck to your forehead. Now, we’re not talking overgrown caterpillars crawling across your face. However a professionally tidied shape with nicely brushed up feathered tips, discretely held in place with a light gel, can subtly express an undefinable creative sexiness.


The groomed, more natural and less sculpted style of eyebrow is finally taking its place alongside the precision work most of us are more familiar with. This is not a new trend by any means. However it has taken a couple of years (at least) for people to slowly catch on that there is more than one specific type of eyebrow shape, style or technique which will undoubtedly suit not only their face but also their lifestyle.

Image: Instagram @makeupbyseng

HEY! Why not try a beautifully groomed “unplucked” creation?

Show us your most beautiful UnPlucked Eyebrow Creations on social media and use tag: #ExTweezeMe to get a feature.


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