Welcome to BrowGuy

Sydney’s Premier Pop Up Brow Studio

Australia’s First Pop Up Eyebrow Grooming Service

Welcome to BrowGuy • Sydney’s Premier Pop Up Brow Studio • Australia’s First Pop Up Eyebrow Grooming Service

Have you considered adding a Specialty Eyebrow Service
to your existing business?

A specialist in non-invasive Eyebrow enhancements, Eyebrow Grooming Tools and Styling Products, you can find Browmiester® Andrew and his award winning Pop Up Brow Bar being hosted at selected Brow Studios, Hair Salons, Private Parties and Corporate Functions within some of Sydney’s most popular inner city suburbs.

Keep an eyebrow raised for current participating locations or contact BrowGuy directly to arrange a residency in YOUR Salon, Studio or Store. BrowGuy is a superb enhancement to your business and an added luxury for your existing clientele.

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BrowGuy’s work is autonomous and focussed solely on Good Brow Loving, so when in residence at a participating establishment, there is absolutely no conflict of interest regarding referrals by neighbouring Hairdressing or other Beauty Services.

Please note that current NSW Health and Safety Legislation declares Mobile or Home Visits for hair removal (including eyebrows) is not allowed. We must be licensed to a bricks and mortar address for such services. BrowGuy apologises for any inconvenience regarding this matter.











In the spirit of reconciliation BrowGuy acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

Proudly Australian owned and supporting Indigenous and LGBTQIA+ communities since 2007.
©️ 2023 BrowGuy | All rights reserved.

Brow Package : Home Delivered

Get those “Fresh Brow Feels”

… delivered to your door!

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Brow Indulgence Package • Home Delivered • only 120

What is included in a Home Visit from BrowGuy?

  • Precision Brow Design and Sculpt
  • Tailored Brow Blush
  • Soothing Lash Tint
  • Signature Illuminating Oil Treatment
  • Light Brow Make Up Application

Complimentary Lip Wax if required – just ask

What is required from me?

We provide a massage/beauty table for your comfort. For safety purposes we will require a secluded area (with reasonable lighting) away from animals, children and other household members.

We simply need access to an available power point, access to running water, and possibly a single chair to work from. We bring everything else!

Please note: Any participating clients under the age of 18 require a signed note and physical attendance from a responsible adult.

Why not add a Lash Lift to really open up the eyes?

Combined with a rich and vibrant tint, give the illusion of longer lashes with a soft and naturally gentle arc. Results can last up to 8-12 weeks depending on your lash hair’s unique growth cycle,

>> Lash Lift service must be pre-booked. <<

Lash Lift service only • 120

Brow Package + Lash Lift • 200

Contact BrowGuy to reserve your appointment.

Cant get out of the House? Discover how BrowGuy can help you maintain your Brows in isolation by utilising our Virtual Services – No touching!


Host a BrowBash

Why not host a BrowBash?

What is a BrowBash?

Hosting a ‘BrowBash‘ is a great way for you to share your eyebrow makeover experience with your friends and colleagues.

A ‘BrowBash’ is a Kiki; a Soiree; a Party or Gathering. It’s our exclusive mobile service for small groups either at home or at work or at a venue.

BrowGuy tailors specific treatments to enhance your unique aesthetics in the eye area which (of course) affects the entire face. Playing host to a ‘BrowBash‘ is a great way for you to share your eyebrow makeover experience with your friends and colleagues. It also provides an interesting point of interest at your function. All enquiries welcome.


Due to time, facility and OH&S constraints in a party environment, available treatments are limited*. Your guests may enjoy all or a combination of treatments such as:

  • Brow Design and Sculpt
  • Custom Brow Colour
  • Soothing Lash Tint
  • Facial Waxing (Lip/Chin/Sides – if required)
  • Signature Illuminating Oil Treatment
  • Light Brow Make Up Application

* Extended chemical services (Lash Lift/Perm, Brow Lamination & Henna) Not Available at BrowBash

What is the most advantageous time to book?

The most advantageous days are Monday to Thursday (before your weekend events).

Please keep in mind to allow approximately 40 minutes per person. We like to ensure a quality experience with precision artistry, so individual treatment times may vary. Appropriate sanitisation of equipment between guests will also take a few minutes. 

What is required from the customer?

Firstly we would like an indication of how many people will be having treatments so we can arrange appropriate quantities of product and disposables. Each customer will be required to fill out a basic Induction Form before any service can be provided.

We provide a massage/beauty table for the comfort of you and your guests. For safety purposes we will require a secluded area (with reasonable lighting) away from animals, children and the main goings on of your event..

We simply need access to an available power point, access to running water, and possibly a single chair to work from.


Please note: Any participating clients under the age of 18 require a signed note and physical attendance from a responsible adult.

How is payment received?

A Deposit is required to secure your booking. This will be discussed when scheduling your party. BrowGuy accepts most methods of payment: MasterCard, / Visa Credit and Visa Debit cards (with a chip) / Direct Payments / PayPal and Cash Payments.

I look forward to organising a ‘BrowBash’ with you.



Who is BrowGuy?

Andrew Craig is one of Australia’s original Exclusive Brow Specialty Artists.

In the World of Eyebrows, Andrew is the Original Brow Rebel. Sculpting eyebrows with his signature style since the early 2000s, he has been ‘going it alone’ at the forefront of the current Brow Phenomenon which has since taken over social media and the World in the space of only just a few years. His broad knowledge and technical abilities, along with a unique point of view, make him one of the Industry’s most sought after Eyebrow Artisans. 

Classically Trained in Traditional Beauty Therapy, he has forged a reputation as a Specialist in non-invasive eyebrow enhancements, breaking all the rules regarding what a brow service should look like and what it should sound like. Now advocating for Professional Brow Artists and standardising National Industry procedures, a Beauty professional since 1998, Andrew created Australia’s first mobile service specifically dedicated to eyebrows in 2007.

Disregarding professional advice telling him that a specialty eyebrow service was too “nichey” of a business concept, Andrew set out to create an enterprising blueprint whereby Brow Grooming Techniques were to become the Primary Service. Andrew and his specialty beauty brand BrowGuy is now internationally recognised around the world by some of the biggest and most respected pioneers of the Brow Industry. His signature Brow Grooming Tools and Styling Products are also available globally.

In 2018 Andrew lead a National drought relief awareness and fund raising campaign BROWS FOR BALES which focussed on garnering donations from Brow Professionals and their followers to help support Australian Farmers in crisis during the Nation’s longest drought in history. Currently Andrew is working on a number of brow-related projects which are still in production phase – including the development of a Public Mental Health Awareness Campaign.

Early in his career Andrew foresaw that eyebrows were not meant to be just an add-on service to a beauty salon facial. He also professed that brows are integral to facial expression and a person’s overall beauty and should not be ignored. As was the norm of beauty salons of the time, a brow wax was a cheap sub-service – a quick ‘wax and dash‘ done in cookie-cutter fashion and a procedure which had been blindly carried over from salon to salon over previous decades.

“Eyebrows require their own ‘voice’ to frame the best version of a person’s face. Natural hair growth and bone structure determines the ultimate brow shape, however relying solely on formulaic brow mapping can really close the eye down if you’re not completely ‘tuned in’ to what you are attempting to accomplish.”

Andrew has a keen eye for detail and a very particular sensibility regarding what makes a beautiful eyebrow. Continually exploring new techniques and products but not an avid follower of trends, he is one of the most open and approachable people you will meet but one that does not suffer fools. His cheeky sense of humour often sees him vocal about not following trends seen on social media:

“Just because everyone else seems to be doing something all over Instagram, doesn’t necessarily determine that it is the correct way to do it.”  

One of Andrew’s early philosophies touted normal brows for normal people“. He claims that his signature styling techniques suit brows from all walks of life and lifestyles and crosses all gender boundaries – from Supermarket to Supermodel.

Stemming from the many years in the Hair and Beauty Industries, skincare, hospitality and dabbling in media, he is also accessible to a number of big name luxury brands and distributors. His clientele includes regular everyday people first, although his client list also includes royalty, celebrities and he is friendly with Beauty Editors, Industry publications and influencers alike. Having propped up and nurtured some of the biggest names in the biz also as a talented and effective Salon Facilitator, this is one guy you need to get to know. 

“In 2023, the focus in eyebrow styling is for an organic looking, low maintenance shaping. The brow is architecturally structured and sculpted in such a way so as not to look like they have ‘just been done’. There can be a particular harshness to the look of a freshly sculpted eyebrow. The most beautiful brows look like they have been lived in for a day or two. This means being soft and fluid and feminine if you were leaning toward female-identifying and clean but loose and more rugged if a more masculine look is required. In any case, if your brow styling is natural and beautiful I’m all about it.“

Never really interested in following the fame game, Andrew focussed his interest in just doing the best work he could achieve and making his clients happy whilst doing it.  

“I love what I do and I had some really loyal followers from the early salon days – even before the inception of BrowGuy the business. A few of these people are still with me today.”

Andrew’s client list includes everyday people; professional women, men and members of the Trans and gender-diverse communities. There are a number of designers, musicians and celebrities and even a member of the Royal Aristocracy on his books. Of course, personal privacy and ultimate discretion is always assured.

Andrew has tended services to such luminaries as: John David Ridge (Tony Award winning and Legendary Broadway and Hollywood Costume Designer) • Lisa Forrest (Commonwealth Games Swimming Legend, Australian media personality, Author, Actor) • Jac Hunt ( Co-founder and Design Director of Australian fashion brand Jac + Jack) • Phyllis Foundis ( Award winning TV Host, TEDx speaker, Author, Producer) • Angela Catterns (Australian media personality and Broadcaster) • Audette Excel AO (Award winning Philanthropist, Businesswoman, Founder the Adara Group) • Charlie Chan (Award winning Composer and Recording artist, Co-founder Global Orchestra Foundation) • Chris Cornell (Grammy Award winning Singer, Songwriter – Soundgarden, Audiosoave, Temple of the Dog) • Christine Anu (Award winning Australian Singer, Songwriter, Actress). Please Note: BrowGuy does not claim ownership of any celebrity portraits or photographs displayed here.

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