Welcome to BrowGuy

Welcome To BrowGuy

Australia’s First Mobile Brow Service

BROW GUY is Sydney’s Premier Mobile / Pop Up Brow Studio.

You can find Browmiester® Andrew and his Pop Up Brow Bar being hosted at selected Brow Studios, Hair Salons, Private Parties and Corporate Functions within some of Sydney’s most popular inner city suburbs.

Keep an eyebrow raised for current participating locations or contact BrowGuy directly to arrange a residency in YOUR Salon. BrowGuy is a superb enhancement to your business and an added luxury for your existing clientele.

Daily • Weekly • Monthly • Create an event.

BrowGuy’s work is solely focussed within the capacity of Good Brow Loving. Therefore it must be noted that there is no conflict of interest regarding referrals by neighbouring Hairdressing or Beauty Salons.

Brows are Ours – Hairs is Theirs’

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Rating: 5 out of 5.

In the spirit of reconciliation BrowGuy acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

Brow Package : Home Delivered

Get those “Fresh Brow Feels”

… Delivered to your door …

This is the package you get when you schedule your exclusive home visit from BrowGuy.

✨ Joyful go-go dancing optional ✨


The Grooviest place to start is right here!

Brow Indulgence Package 

Home Delivered

Package includes:

Precision Brow Design and Sculpt

Tailored Brow Blush

Soothing Lash Tint

Signature Illuminating Oil Treatment

Light Brow Make Up Application

All for only  $120 Home Delivered

(Complimentary Lip Wax if required – just ask)


Why not add a Lash Lift?  (must be pre-booked)

Lash Lift only  120

Brow Package + Lash Lift  200

Really open up the eyes. Give the illusion of longer lashes with a soft and naturally gentle arc. Depending on your individual growth cycle, results can last up to 8-12 weeks .

Contact BrowGuy to reserve your appointment.

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Cant get out of the House?

Click on the picture link below to discover how BrowGuy can help you maintain your Brows by utilising our Virtual Services.

We are here for you … Virtually.

Host a BrowBash

What is a BrowBash?

Hosting a ‘BrowBash’ is a great way for you to share your experience with your friends and colleagues.

A ‘BrowBash’ is a Kiki; a Soiree; a Party or Gathering. It’s our exclusive mobile service for small groups either at home or at work or at a venue.

BrowGuy individually tailors various treatments to enhance the unique aesthetics of the eye area and hence the entire face. Hosting a ‘BrowBash‘ is a great way for you to share your experience with your friends and colleagues. It also provides an interesting point of interest at your function. 



Due to time and facility constraints in a party environment, available treatments are limited*. Your guests may enjoy all or a combination of treatments such as:

  • Brow Design and Sculpt
  • Custom Brow Colour
  • Soothing Lash Tint
  • Facial Waxing (Lip/Chin/Sides)

*Lash Lift/Perm Not Available at BrowBash 


The most advantageous days are Monday to Thursday (before your weekend partying).

Please keep in mind to allow approximately 40 minutes per person. We like to ensure a quality experience with precision artistry, so individual treatment times may vary. Sanitising appropriate equipment between guests may also take a few minutes. 


Firstly we would like an indication of how many people will be having treatments so we can arrange appropriate quantities of product. 

In a party situation we will bring a massage/beauty table. For safety reasons we will require a secluded area (with reasonable lighting) away from the main goings on of your event.

We will require the following:

  • Access to an available power point.
  • Access to water
  • The possibility of a small table or bench top in order to set up equipment.

Any clients under the age of 18 require a signed note and attendance from a responsible adult. WE BRING EVERYTHING ELSE!


A Deposit is required to secure your booking. This will be discussed when scheduling your party.

BrowGuy accepts MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards (with a chip); Direct Payments, PayID and Cash Payments. 

Once again, thank you for checking us out. I look forward to organising a ‘BrowBash’ with you.

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SHOP! In the name of love

SHOP! In the Name of love

Premium Quality Precision Brow Defining Tools and Styling Products

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What is BrowGuy?

What the Pluck?

Brow Guy is Sydney’s Premier Mobile / Pop Up Brow Studio

Andrew is one of Australia’s first exclusively Brow Specialty Artists. His creation BrowGuy is Australia’s first Mobile Brow Service. 

In the early 2000’s being a business or service that was purely Brow-Specific was largely unheard of in this country. There were only a small handful of proclaimed Brow Artists in Australia – all of whom resided in Sydney. 

These Amazingly talented,  entrepreneurial professionals recognised that there was a distinct gap in the Beauty Market. These people were essentially professional makeup artists who found a niche service in the form of a passion for “doing” brows. 

Andrew, who is a classically  trained beauty therapist, realised after years of scrubbing feat and massaging faces (not in that particular order) he had a penchant for sculpting clean looking arches. 

He found that he was moving away from regular in salon services due to the demand for his precision follicular work. 

“People used to say that I should be doing this for myself but in those days I was loyal to my employer and kept dreaming of bigger things.”

Unforeseen circumstances forced the busy Balmain salon to close which meant that Andrew had to reassess his work situation. From there BrowGuy was born. With $50 in his pocket and a $65 pair of tweezers (excellent tweezers were hard to find). Andrew set out to conquer this new world of Brows one hair at a time. 

“Marketing myself as a ‘Mobile Brow Artist’ was tough. People couldn’t get their head around the fact that some unknown guy was asking to come to their homes to pluck hairs out of their face.”

Previously this type of service was always just an add-on when ladies went to the Beauty Salon for a Facial. Alternatively it was a quick ‘Wax-n-dash’. Something that was done on the run. Just a quick rip of wax at relatively no cost and very little skill. 

“I recall one lady requesting my services. When I explained the cost she blurted out “I’m not paying that much for you to come to my home!” She thought that it should be a cheaper service because it wasn’t performed in an established salon.”

Never really interested in following the fame game, Andrew focussed his interest in just doing the best work he could achieve and making his clients happy doing it.  

“I love what I do and I had some really loyal followers from the early days – even before the inception of Brow Guy the business. A few of these people are still with me today.”

Andrew’s clientele includes everyday people – professional women and men – a number of designers, musicians and celebrities and even a member of the Royal Aristocracy on his books.

Andrew’s own specialty beauty brand, BrowGuy is internationally known with his branded products available globally. 

He is recognised around the world by some of the biggest and most respected pioneers of the Brow Industry. 

In 2018 Andrew lead a National drought relief campaign BROWS FOR BALES which focussed on garnering donations from Brow Professionals and their followers to help Australian Farmers in need of support during our Nation’s longest drought in history. 

Currently Andrew is working on developing a Public Mental Health Awareness Campaign. It is in very early days yet, so hopefully more on that later. 


Who else offers a Brow Service designed to be more convenient?

You can enjoy fabulous Traditional Brow Artistry but without the parking and traffic hassles. Our On Demand service provides a Package Deal where we can look after you through the day or after hours at a time that is more suited to your lifestyle. No need to leave the house. Alternatively keep an eye out for our Pop-Up Brow Bar conducting regular residencies in locations around Sydney’s inner suburbs. Here we can tailor your Brow loving requirements more specifically; We can accomodate more services; It also allows for more time flexibility if you require a speedier or single treatment.

Specialising in “Old School” or more “Traditional” freehand tweezing and shaping techniques, BrowGuy’s Philosophy states that your natural brow shape provides the best template to your True Inner Beauty. We don’t need flashy gimmicks or whiz-bang machinery. Since 2007 we have been providing Sydney’s inner suburbs with Classic Beauty Techniques without the use of “Cookie-Cutter” stencils or a cheap “Wax’n’Dash” service. We send a fully qualified and experienced Beauty Therapist who has been trained specifically in applicable skincare and is well versed in a variety of hair removal and colouring techniques.

BrowGuy’s qualifications and experience is so much more than a makeup artist who “does brows”. Get your Brows done the right way and in comfort.

Whether it be privately or for a small group, we will come to you. Why not organise a ‘BrowBash‘ with some friends or work colleagues? Salon Owners are invited to book a regular day of Brow Services in the form of a Pop-Up Brow Bar. This can be a wonderful add-on to you business.

Andrew is a true Artisan Eyebrow Craftsman. Working under the moniker of BrowGuy his aim is to bring out the True You by revealing your own natural beauty one hair at a time – each hair is carefully considered before its removal. He is an expert technician who delivers from a solid foundation of Classic Beauty Techniques utilising pure passion and undeniable expertise.

Only BrowGuy’s authentic artistry and world class precision skills will have you truly believing the tagline: “The Proof is in the Plucking.”

Be sure to check out Andrew’s Origins Story to find out how it all began.